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Where is my Dink Master Pre-Order?

Dink Master Pre-Orders are scheduled to ship in 2-3 weeks as there was a slight delay. Your orders tracking information will be sent out as soon as it ships. If you have any other questions about your order, please contact us.

How far should you stand from the Dink Pad or Dink Master?

The ideal distance to stand is 7ft which is the distance that the Kitchen Line is from the net on a real court. Depending on what drill you are doing now it is totally fine to stand closer or further away. 7ft is simply the standard distance to get s

Where can I stick my Dink Pad?

The Dink Pad uses an adhesive to stick onto any smooth wall. Keep in mind, the wall that you choose needs to meet certain criteria. If you have a wall that falls into these categories, then you should be good to get started with the Dink Pad!

Can I order the Dink Master frame separately?

The Dink Pad and The Dink Master are separate products so you cannot order the frame of the Dink Master and use it with the Dink Pad. They are not compatible with one another.

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